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Webinar On Call Urology Survival Guide

Welcome to the On Call Urology Survival Guide! 

  • By the end of this morning, we aim to: 
  • Make kidney stones easy to manage
  • Improve your confidence with difficult catheters  
  • Make testicular pain decision making more straightforward 
  • Make testicular pain decision making more straightforward 

And answer any questions and queries you may have regarding urology!

When: Nov 26, 2022 9:00 AM – 12 PM London (GMT+1/ British Summer Time)
Topic: On Call Urology Survival Guide 


There will be certificates provided ONLY upon completion of short pre and post course surveys.

 I will also provide access to slides and management pathways for pathologies covered during these sessions. 

Links are below

These contain feedback on the course overall, as well as individual speaker feedback. You can fill this in throughout the day as the talks progress, or after the course is completed as you prefer. 

We aim to send out certificates within 1-2 weeks of course completion so please complete both surveys before then. 

Points to note

  • Please bring any and all questions on the day – I will do my best to answer all live, if not I will send answers out via email 
  • We will be having breaks throughout the day but STAY SIGNED IN, or we may not be able to readmit you 
  • Please use the chat or hands up functions to answer questions and participate 


  • This does not substitute for local inductions or teaching 
  • Local or Trust guidelines may differ, as well as those between different countries, please follow your own hospital’s policies 

Enjoy the day! 

Dan Hazelton 

Urology Junior Clinical Fellow 

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital