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Webinar: Risk communication to prevent the spread of COVID-19: Countering the ‘Infodemic’

Dear IFMSA members, 

I hope this email finds you safe and healthy!

I’m here to share another webinar from the UNDRR Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, with the topic of “Risk communication to prevent the spread of COVID-19: Countering the ‘Infodemic’”. 

Trusted, accurate, simple, and widely shared risk information saves lives, particularly when it reaches ‘the last mile’ and is used by vulnerable communities. This is the case in all communities, all countries and all disasters, including during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

However, several weeks into this global crisis, it is also clear that a ‘parallel universe’ of rumour and false information is also active. It also has a widespread reach and is influencing thinking and behaviour that could increase risk. This so-called ‘infodemic’ is a genuine threat to rapid prevention and early recovery in the face of COVID-19. This 5th UNDRR COVID-19 Webinar – “Risk communication to prevent the spread of COVID-19: Countering the ‘Infodemic’” –  convenes representatives from government, the World Health Organization, the media and civil society. The panel will outline examples of effective messaging; how this information is reaching and helping to protect vulnerable communities; and what can be done to counter misinformation that could put people in harm’s way.

Register here: https://undrr.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_SXA7kZr_RvuO6XZvQU4yiA 

This webinar primarily targets the Asia-Pacific countries, although all are welcome to attend during this scheduled time. Please check the webinar’s event page for subsequent updates, including the speaker’s list: https://www.undrr.org/event/webinar-risk-communication-prevent-spread-covid-19-countering-infodemic