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Webinar: We have always been here

Join Our Humanitarian Webinar
“We Have Always Been Here:”
The Power of Feminist Civil Society Organizations in Addressing Compounded Crises

Wednesday, 30 September
9:00 – 10:30 AM EDT
Interpretation during this virtual event will be available in English, French, and Arabic

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Today, nearly all crises are complex, founded on not just a single armed conflict or natural disaster but the compilation of multiple compounded crises. This has been clear during the COVID‑19 pandemic, which has had a significant impact on girls, women, and marginalized groups already affected by humanitarian emergencies. Local feminist civil society organizations (CSOs) have served as frontline responders during these crises, but still lack the resources and support they need. They have always been there, at the heart of all humanitarian emergencies, and it’s time to shift more power and funding to them.Join us to hear from feminist CSOs in Lebanon and Bangladesh responding to compounded crises and discuss what a more feminist and localized approach to addressing complex humanitarian situations must look like.