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Webinar: When borderless COVID-19 hits sanctioned nations, what gives?

When Borderless COVID-19 Hits Sanctioned Nations, What Gives?
Tuesday, 2 June 202014:00 – 15:00

Coronavirus Global Perspective: Weekly In-Depth Analysis
International sanctions risk hindering an effective and unified global response in tackling COVID-19 around the world. Countries under the world’s strictest sanctions regimes will struggle to cope with knock-on effects of the pandemic as they already suffer from a series of unique challenges with serious humanitarian consequences. These include financial sector “de-risking”; hindered trade in food and medical goods; obstacles to scientific collaboration; withdrawal of humanitarian and health workers; fragile or crippled healthcare systems, and political barriers preventing effective cooperation across borders. This risks catastrophic impacts, not only for the countries in question but also for countries in neighbouring regions, which could continue to bear the brunt of increased flows of refugees. This webinar will outline some of the key challenges at play and explore innovative ways in which some of the worst impacts could be mitigated.
Gilles Carbonnier: Professor and Economics Faculty Associate, The Graduate Institute
Emanuela Gillard: Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict
Thomas Biersteker: Professor of International Relations/Political Science, The Graduate Institute
Edwina Thompson: Founder of AmanacardErica MoretSenior Researcher, Global Governance Centre

This public webinar series aims to offer an interdisciplinary analysis of the COVID-19 epidemic through regular in-depth discussions between researchers from the Graduate Institute and other institutions.