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WHO Big Idea Survey


1. Background: IFMSA is partnering up with WHO Academy’s team developing the WHO Learning Strategy for member consultations and sharing of useful resources on COVID-19 and emergency preparedness.

2. To do:

a. Download the WHO Academy App.

b. Fill in the Big Idea Survey.

c. Engage in the upcoming consultation process.

3. Relevant links:

a. WHO Academy App:

– Apple App Store – Google Play Store

b. The Big Idea Survey: Link

Dear IFMSA members,
I am delighted to be able to share with you some exciting news regarding WHO in connection to capacity building and COVID-19. Below are outlined the different possibilities for taking part in WHO Learning Strategy creation.

1) WHO Academy COVID-19 App Back in May, the World Health Organization released a new mobile learning app on COVID-19 that is targeted specifically to health workers. The WHO Academy is constantly updating it and, if you are interested, feel free to download it from the links below as well as share it with your colleagues, fellow students and other young health professionals globally

.Download available:- Apple App Store – Google Play Store 
The app provides mobile access to the WHO COVID-19 knowledge resources, including up-to-the-minute guidance, tools, training, and virtual workshops to support health workers in caring for patients infected by COVID-19 and protect themselves as they do their critical work. It provides detailed information and tools addressing key areas of concerns for health workers responding to the outbreak:

  • Infection prevention control
  • Case management
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Staff safety and health
  • Risk communication & community engagement

The WHO is appreciating any feedback when it comes to the app and its future development, improvement and usability.
2) WHO Learning Strategy: The Big Idea SurveyA newly established WHO Academy team is working on developing the first-ever WHO learning strategy, with an emphasis on emergency preparedness and strengthening the public health response.
They developed a short questionnaire, called “The Big Idea Survey” and are inviting everyone with an interest in lifelong learning approaches in health, to share their ideas on how to enhance the quality and impact of training. The WHO team will use the responses to develop WHO’s global Learning Strategy to ensure that all who are involved in the world’s health and social care systems have ample opportunities to strengthen the competencies they need to save lives and improve health outcomes in their communities.
The process is very simple and straightforward – you only need to click on the link here, select your prefered language and submit your idea/suggestion/approach in 500 words or less.For more information, feel free to watch a short introductory video here: https://youtu.be/CISHqfx82Mk
3) WHO Learning Strategy: IFMSA ConsultationIn the upcoming days, we are planning on hosting an open consultation for IFMSA members via Zoom, where everyone, who is interested in the WHO Academy, capacity building and public health response, will be able to share their Big Ideas regarding the Learning Strategy.
The respective date and time of the consultation will be shared with IFMSA members soon so keep an eye out for that! 🙂

Exciting things lie ahead and as future healthcare professionals, we are an important stakeholder in the development and implementation of the Learning Strategy. 
Looking forward to seeing you in the consultation webinar soon!