Pàgina de l'Associació d'Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut

World Environment Day


1. Background: Call for Videos for World Environment Day 2020 Campaign

2. Deadline: 29th of May 2020

3. Send your video for the campaign, following the requirements, to: ra.scoph.americas@ifmsa.org

Dear SCOPHeroes,
Hoping this email finds you awesome, I am writing to you to invite you to be part of our World Environment Day Campaign. It is your opportunity to let your voice be heard! We want to know your thoughts about the topic of Environment, Climate Change & Health, to be featured next week in our worldwide campaign. How? – Send us a short video of yourself, commiting for a healthier world and then answering the question: Why is environmental care important for health?, in the most inspirational way you can <3
Requirements of the video:

  • Video in English, starting your statement with the phrase “I commit to a healthier world, because…”, followed by your answer to our question, which is completely free! express yourself. (e.g: I commit to a healthier world, because I believe our health is connected to the health of our planet)
  • Maximum 30 seconds long.
  • Record in a horizontal way, with good light and clear audio 

Once ready, send it as google drive link or attached, to ra.scoph.americas@ifmsa.org , with your name and NMO, until friday, May 29th, 23:59 GMT. Who can participate? – Any active member of IFMSA who feels passionate about this topic, so feel free to share this call with your teams! 
If you have questions, contact us to ra.scoph.americas@ifmsa.org (Catalina), ra.scoph.europe@ifmsa.org (Taur & Iulia), or environmenthealth@ifmsa.org (Roxxane).