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World Health Assembly Open Briefing

May 14, 2020: 9:00 am – 10:30 am


The Global Health Centre and UN Foundation announce the annual World Health Assembly (WHA) Open Briefing for delegates, non-state actors, and the general public. This virtual event will introduce how the 73rd Assembly, the first ever to convene online, will work this year, with an update from WHO on the COVID-19 response. A diverse panel of experts will explore key issues emerging in the global response to the pandemic, including resource mobilization and financing, human rights and gender equality, and international cooperation for innovation and access to health technologies.



  • Elizabeth Cousens, President and Chief Executive Officer, United Nations Foundation
  • John E. LANGE, Ambassador; Senior Fellow for Global Health Diplomacy, United Nations Foundation
  • Vinh-Kim Nguyen, Co-Director, Global Health Centre; Professor of Anthropology and Sociology, The Graduate Institute

73rd WHA Overview:

  • Gian Luca Burci, Adjunct Professor, International Law, The Graduate Institute; Academic Advisor, Global Health Centre

WHO Update on Covid-19 Response:

  • Jane Ellison, Executive Director for External Relations and Governance, World Health Organization

Roundtable Discussion:

  • Chee Yoke Ling, Director of Programmes, Third World Network, Malaysia
  • Geeta Rao Gupta, Executive Director of the 3D Program for Girls and Women, UN Foundation
  • Patrick M. Eba, Country Director in the Central African Republic, UNAIDS
  • Stéphanie Seydoux, Ambassador for Global Health, France
  • Moderated by Suerie Moon, Co-Director, Global Health Centre; Visiting Lecturer, The Graduate Institute

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