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World No Tobacco Day


  1. Background: World No Tobacco Day: Call for Contributions
  2. Important Links:
    1. Link to the call: here
  3. Deadline: 27/5/2020 23:59 GMT

Dearest SCOPHeroes,

The World No Tobacco Day is approaching and it is this time of the year again to focus the spotlight on such an issue that is putting the lives and health of everyone at risk. This year’s World No Tobacco Day campaign is different because the ones who will be preparing the campaign are YOU.

This year’s campaign, according to the WHO, is focusing on the actions of the tobacco industry and how it manipulates youth to start/continue tobacco consumption and since this is all about youth, so we thought that youth should be the ones contributing to this campaign. We are sending this call for contributions, to ask you to tell us about your experiences and opinions from your own countries, regarding youth manipulation by the tobacco industry, what is being done, what our call for action should be and what we, as youth, should do.

We will be gathering your contributions, analyzing them and choosing the best contributions from the 5 IFMSA regions, to be shared in our campaign. 

This year’s campaign is all about YOU and only YOU will be contributing to it.

Join us in this campaign and fill this form before 27/5/2020 23:59 GMT. Let’s join forces and get #TobaccoExposed