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Call for participants and facilitators of the SCOME Online Workshops


  1. Background: Sharing the call for participants and facilitators of the SCOME Online Workshops.
  2. Information summary: 2 online workshops are organized by the SCOME International Team and set to start from June 15th:
    1. Online AMET (Theme: Health Workforce preparedness for Public Health Emergencies)
    2. Online Capacity Development for SCOME Facilitators
  3. What do you need to do:
    1. Read the workshops proposals
    2. Fill out the application form
  4. Relevant Links:
    1. Application form: here
    2. Online AMET proposal:  here
    3. Online Capacity Development for SCOME Facilitators proposal: here

Dear members worldwide
Empowering members to be meaningfully involved in Medical Education has been at the core of our work in SCOME. Bringing capacity building to the online platform was not only triggered by the special circumstances we are going through, but it stems from the importance of the accessibility of quality education to all our members worldwide, regardless of their means or their circumstances. Hence, SCOME is bringing to the online platform 2 SCOME Workshops with opportunities for you to either participate and learn, or facilitate and teach (and learn as well!):

1- Online Advocacy in Medical Education Training (AMET): an advocacy-oriented workshop where you will acquire Medical Education knowledge and advocacy skills, through online hands-on experiences and collaboration on specific outcomes related to Medical Education Advocacy. Please find here the link to the proposal of the workshop

2- Online Competency Development for SCOME Facilitators: as defined by the SCOME Capacity Building regulations, the SCOME Facilitators are all members who have graduated from a TMET workshop. The aim of this online workshop is to provide an opportunity for SCOME facilitators to brush up their Medical Education knowledge and facilitation skills, with close collaboration with experienced TMET trainers. Please find here the link to the proposal of the workshop

The workshops are expected to start from June 15th and last for 6 weeks. Selected facilitators and participants will be consulted about the weekly scheduling of the sessions.  
You can apply through this form either as a participant or as a facilitator for any of the workshops of your choosing. Please refer to the respective proposals to learn more about the objectives of each workshop and the selection criteria.

Deadline to apply: May 31st, 23:59GMT. No late application will be considered.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to address them to da.scome@ifmsa.org or scomed@ifmsa.org